“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”


In early 2021, newly appointed Duchesne Student Cultural Convenor and third-year resident Maggie Ryan had a lightbulb moment. Music Psychology is one of the Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Arts student’s many areas of scholarly interest – and it had her pondering the power of music to connect across generations.

Maggie’s idea sparked a plan…then came the pitch…and here we are, incredibly proud to be launching the Duchesne College Rose Philippine Choir.

The Rose Philippine Choir is a non-auditioned choir open to any current or past Duchesne College resident or associate member. Its vision is clear – to harness the power of music to build a cultural community – to teach and share music, to perform it and to enjoy it. Maggie explains why she was motivated to establish a choir that would bring generations of Duchesne women together.

“I felt like the Choir was not only a wonderful way to engage with our past residents and Wise Women of Duchesne and to build connections for our current students, but it was also a way to really strengthen the cultural program at Duchesne,” Maggie said.

“I also love the idea of a choir comprised of women from different backgrounds who share a passion for Duchesne. As a student of Music Psychology, I know there are so many social and mental wellbeing benefits of singing in a community group and that this initiative has the potential to make a profound difference to the lives of its participants.

“As a third-year student undertaking my final year at Duchesne, I also really wanted to create something enduring that would allow me and so many others to keep a strong connection with Duchesne into the future.”

Maggie hopes that through rehearsals and performances at Duchesne College and UQ community events, this family of Wise Women choralists will be an embodiment of the Sacred Heart values that beautifully influence the College culture.

The Rose Philippine Choir will make its first appearance on 16 October 2021 at the ‘Opera by the Lake’, an exciting musical event and collaboration between the College and the UQ School of Music. Directed by distinguished opera singer and UQ School of Music Adjunct Associate Lecturer, Tarita Botsman, the event will feature The Seven Sopranos. If you are a Duchesne College Alumna and would like to take part in this wonderful opportunity, please register your interest by contacting Maggie Ryan via maggie@biocentric.com.au or engagement@duchesene.uq.edu.au.