Your wellbeing is in experienced hands at Duchesne, because it’s something we value and believe is critical to your success.

We know many students transition straight from high school to university life, and often from regional parts of Queensland, interstate or from overseas. Rest assured that Duchesne provides a homely environment where you’ll belong and feel safe. Here you’ll develop your confidence and explore your independence, knowing there are support networks, services and a ‘family’ of friends to support you.


It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive before you join us, but we’ve supported students through this process many times over, so we know how to make your transition to College and university life smooth and really wonderful.

Before you arrive at Duchesne, our Directors of Academics and Careers, and Admissions and Residential Life can provide support with your course and subject selection and your questions about life at Duchesne. Then once you arrive a week before the Semester begins, our O-Week program will be an amazing introduction to your new home and local area.

You’ll make lots of new friends from Duchesne and all the other colleges, and you’ll have so much fun!


As you progress with your studies, you may want to talk to someone about subject selection and pathways – you can book appointments directly to meet with our Director of Academics and Careers. Read more about the supportive learning environment we provide to help you succeed here.


The Director of Admissions and Residential Life oversees all areas that may affect your wellbeing and works hard to ensure your experience at College is safe and enjoyable. We also work very closely with the Resident Leaders who provide invaluable peer-to-peer support – the Duchesne sisterhood is strong – girls look out for each other, they check in on each other and make sure no girl is left behind.

The Big Sister, Little Sister program is also a valuable part of the orientation process for our new residents and associate members. Big Sisters (returning students) provide one-on-one mentorship, advice, and guidance to help new members of our community find their feet. Whether you’re struggling to find a building on campus, looking for a Dining Hall buddy, or need some extra support to navigate College life, your Big Sister is there for you.


Appointments with our wonderful Counsellor can be booked directly and our Head of College’s door is always open for a chat too!


We also have a gym onsite where you can get the endorphins going and recover with a healthy chef-prepared meal.

But sometimes you might just need a bit of puppy love, and our Chief Happiness Officer is always ready to oblige! You really will have the support you need to live, grow and flourish at Duchesne.

“One of the things I love about living at Duchesne College is the constant support and encouragement you get from each girl every day. It’s the perfect place to balance a tough uni course with a fun social life. I highly recommend coming her if you’re looking for a supportive environment and some forever friends.”


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