At Duchesne, we’re committed to living our vision to inspire personal growth within an inclusive, socially aware community that is impelled to act.

As a Catholic women’s college we provide tertiary accommodation, academic and wellbeing support. Students are encouraged to explore their spirituality, aspire to achieve their fullest potential, grow in mind and heart, and engage actively and purposefully as global citizens.


As a Catholic residential College within The University of Queensland, we provide accommodation and academic support for young women. But it’s the Sacred Heart goals that shape our culture and create the welcoming community where no girl is left behind. In this community, every girl is supported to achieve her full potential, and encouraged to practice her Faith and become purposefully engaged in the College, University and wider community.


Duchesne College is a proud member of the global network of schools and colleges established by the Society of the Sacred Heart, and inspired by Foundress, Madeleine Sophie Barat. 

At Duchesne College, we are driven by the 5 goals of Sacred Heart Education.

  • a personal and active faith in God
  • a deep respect for intellectual values
  • building community as a Christian value
  • a social awareness that impels us to action
  • personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

These goals form the foundation of our mission, vision, and actions, and serve as a compass that guides us in our daily lives. They reflect the essence of Duchesne College and our commitment to providing an exceptional learning and living environment that promotes compassionate, respectful, and positive engagements and contributions to our society.


  • Duchesne means ‘of the oak’ and inspired the college motto, ‘Robur in luce veritatis’. Robur translates as either oak or strength, so the motto reads, ‘Strength in the Light of Truth’
  • Our College colours are blue (‘azure’, cobalt blue) and gold (‘or’)
  • The oak spray represents ‘Duchesne’ literally translated from French as ‘of the oak’
  • The three five-pointed stars represent:
    – the resurrection of Duchesne, as decided during the Octave of the Epiphany
    – light and the name Lucia, where the University is located, derived from ‘Lux, lucis, light’
    – three stars represent the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary (asked for by Our Lady at Fatima)
  • The book represents learning.

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