There’s something special about Duchesne and our residents and families often sense it as soon as they’re welcomed through our doors – they know they’re home.

So how do we harness this connected community of aspiring young women and give them a powerful edge? At Duchesne, you’ll benefit from the Duchesne Advantage, a coordinated program of support, opportunities and activities organised under three key areas: Live, Grow and Flourish.


At Duchesne, we invest heavily in creating an inclusive culture where you’ll feel supported – from healthy meals and comfortable rooms to the way we prioritise your wellbeing and help you transition to College life, giving you the space to focus on your studies.

Even prior to move-in day, there’s a program of engagement to help you prepare for your life at College. You can talk to our Director of Academics & Careers if you need advice or help with subject selections, we’ll also put you in touch with any residents who are coming from your hometown, or we’ll connect you to Resident Leaders at Duchesne who can be a friendly face. Our expert team knows just how to set you up for a happy, productive time here.


While you’re with us, we will do everything we can to enrich your life and give you opportunities to stretch, explore and push your boundaries.

This starts with your studies – we provide excellent academic support and advice, and access to tutorials at Duchesne. But it extends even further – a coordinated program of professional development workshops, aspirational speaker series, formal dinner programs, breakfast meetings with alumnae and professionals, and connections to incredible thinkers and doers from across the universities. We have a rich network of people within our orbit who will shape your lives, and you’ll have exclusive access to these experiences at Duchesne.


One of the greatest advantages you’ll have as a Duchesne woman is membership to the community of wise women who have gone before you.

As an alumna you’re part of a sisterhood of women beyond your own cohort who are looking out for blue hearts and doing remarkable things in the world. We’ll provide structured ways to connect you with this network so you can be part of something that will impact your life in positive ways long after graduation.

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