The College benefits from the wisdom of a generous and hard-working Council that shapes policies and makes decisions to enhance life at Duchesne.

Duchesne College is a not-for-profit charitable institution, which is incorporated by Letters Patent issued on 17th of February 1949 pursuant to The Religious Educational and Charitable Institution Act 1861, as amended, and is affiliated as a residential college with The University of Queensland.

The College Council is responsible for the governance of the College operations, and reports financially to the Provincial Finance Council of Queensland who, in turn, provides advice to the Bishops of Queensland. The Head of College and Chief Executive reports to the College Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the College.

The Council meets quarterly and is comprised of representatives from the Bishops of Queensland, the Senate of The University of Queensland, the Head of the College (ex-officio), the current President of the College Student Club (ex-officio), along with other Councillors elected, appointed, or nominated by different bodies, representing different interests.


  • Dr Christina Turner (Chair)
  • Jayne Shallcross  (Deputy Chair)
  • Helen Hume (Honorary Secretary)
  • James O’Connor (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Catherine Dunbar
  • Chris Gill
  • Leanne Smith
  • Kate Venables
  • Michelle Allan, Head of College and Chief Executive (Ex-officio)
  • Lucinda Poteri, 2024 Student Club President (Ex-officio)

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