Duchesne College is where you’ll embrace your passions and independence, expand your mind and join a sisterhood bound by some of the best times of your life.


Duchesne offers the best of on-campus living at UQ and a place where you’ll live, grow and flourish. The women-only environment gives you space to focus and be yourself in your down time at home. Of course, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends from other Colleges are welcome to visit when accompanied – there’s just some rules to stick to that keep our community safe and supported.

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There’s a culture here at Duchesne that comes from a place of respect, compassion and kindness – the Sacred Heart environment has a beautiful influence on us. Our girls are down to earth – they’re hardworking and aspire to do amazing things with their lives. They create an environment where the work gets done, and then come together to have fun. And there’s lots of fun to be had – from O-Week, to Balls, and the Inter-College Council competition for sports and culture – there’s so much choice and you can explore something new or dive into something you already love.

Culture, sports and service at Duchesne


We work hard to break down barriers so girls from all year levels can connect and feel included, whether you know a few people or absolutely no one, you’ll soon find you’re part of a family – a sisterhood devoted to the College and where lifelong friendships are made. We know it can be a bit of a scary prospect to leave home and come to College, but we’ve got you, and you’ll be right at home before you know it.

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When you move out of home, we know you and your family want you to be somewhere safe and secure, where people are looking out for you. Duchesne College has a number of measures in place to ensure just that. From the secure access into the College and dedicated on-call members of our Leadership Team, to Night Porters and security staff, and access to UQ’s security escorts and buses, you’re in safe hands at Duchesne. Plus, our residents and members look out for each other and you’ll often hear them say – no girl is ever left behind.


We’ve talked a lot about College life, but the reason we’re all here is to support you in your studies and life as university students. And when it comes to support, we’ve got a lot to offer – from tutorial groups, guest speakers, professional development, and connections to a global network of Wise Women! Find out more about our Academic & Career Development or our Leadership support.


At Duchesne, we’re motivated to reduce our footprint on the environment and we encourage everyone to get involved with this movement. From simple things like turning off lights and fans, to drying washing in the sunshine and recycling – we can all contribute in small ways to make a big impact as a community. In 2021, the Student Club established a Sustainability Committee, and the College Leadership Team is working with the Student Club to explore what we can achieve together. Watch this space…!

“No matter where I go in life or what I achieve, I have Duchesne to thank for helping me get there. Duchesne gave me a second family, helped me choose my future career, and supported me through the ups and downs of uni life. I’m forever grateful for all the opportunities College has given me and I can’t recommend Duchesne more.”


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