Accessing professional, timely advice and feedback from someone you trust about your studies and career path can make the world of difference.

It can be tricky to navigate university systems and to be certain you’re making the right decisions. At Duchesne, we’re focussed on ensuring your transition to university life runs smoothly, and that you flourish here throughout your studies. We provide a supportive learning environment to help you succeed academically and where you’ll develop key transferrable skills to prepare for your future career.

The Director of Academics and Careers specialises in:

  • Academic mentoring
  • Academic workshops
  • Study planning
  • Assessment advice
  • Advice around program change or transfer
  • Internship and work experience opportunities
  • Preparation for your future career.


A key support for your academic success at Duchesne is the comprehensive tutorial program we offer to complement your university studies – it’s part of the Duchesne Advantage and a big benefit of being a resident or Associate Member with us. We employ qualified tutors to deliver tutorials at the College covering a broad range of disciplines. You can also participate in tutorials provided by other ‘Lakeside Colleges’ to further enhance your studies and to meet other students studying the same course as you.


If you’re a first-year student, the Director of Academics and Careers will meet with you during Semester 1 to ensure you’re coping well and making satisfactory academic progress. You’re strongly encouraged to take advantage of the support we provide at Duchesne to maximise your learning opportunities – after all, we find students who attend tutorials and access additional support services achieve better results in their courses, so the benefits really show. We look forward to supporting you along your path to a great career!

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