We believe in giving a diverse range of young women every opportunity to live, grow and flourish at Duchesne College while attending university.

The values of the Sacred Heart shape our culture, and we strive to live these values and to invest in others and in our community. We know that financial and social circumstances can prevent some young women from accessing or continuing an education. Through bursaries and scholarships, we strive to embrace diversity and equity and provide a pathway to a Duchesne College life experience for a range of deserving young women.


While both bursaries and scholarships provide a reduction in fees, bursaries are means-tested and provide opportunities to candidates in financial need – young women who would otherwise not be able to join the Duchesne College community. Scholarships are awarded based on academic, sporting and/or cultural excellence, irrespective of financial need. Students are welcome to apply for both bursaries and scholarships. At Duchesne, we’re committed to providing a range of opportunities for young women from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the experience of being part of our residential college community.


Following are our guiding principles for Bursaries and Scholarships:

  • Providing equitable access to an academic environment that’s conducive to living Christian values.
  • Being ready to help students whose financial circumstances might otherwise preclude them from residing at the College.
  • Embracing, including and welcoming students from diverse socio-demographic backgrounds.
  • Helping students become valuable contributors to College life, with an appreciation for community service and giving back.
  • Providing a place that’s conducive to learning and empowers young women to reach their full potential.
  • Aspiring to nurture personal growth and spiritual maturity.


There are a range of bursaries available and the following are offered directly through Duchesne College to offset residential college fees:

Applications for the above bursaries open on 25 August 2023 and close on 29 September 2023.  Successful candidates will be advised by 09 October 2023.

Apply Here.

For further information please contact admissions@duchesne.uq.edu.au


In 2021, Duchesne College was given access to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure the Duchesne Bursary program into the future, thanks to a dollar-for-dollar Matching Offer from UQ for bursaries (financial hardship places). Our wonderful community came together to directly support women to attend the College, and we are hoping to continue to grow our bursary program further.

The following bursaries were established in perpetuity to support deserving young women:

2024 Applications open on 25 August 2023  – 29 January 2024. Find out more here.

If you’re passionate about supporting current and future generations of young women who may not otherwise have the opportunity to reside in Brisbane to undertake their university studies, please consider giving to the Duchesne College Bursary Fund. If you’d like to know more about this life-changing initiative or how to contribute, please contact Lea Walker-Franks, Director of Advancement, engagement@duchesne.uq.edu.au or 0419 767 961.


  • Take a look at the support provided by the Australian Government for First Nations students through Abstudy.

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