At Duchesne, we provide a transformative living and learning environment that nurtures hearts and minds, and that’s framed by the Sacred Heart goals.

This goals-driven culture will empower you to develop your sense of self, chase your ambitions and be the very best version of yourself. You’ll be encouraged to embrace the goals of the Sacred Heart, to nurture your commitment to justice, and to invest in projects that give back to the community.

“I always loved running into Sister Kath during my time at Duch – she has such a deep care for everyone and truly takes the time to be interested in your life. Couldn’t think of a better role model for the Duch girls.”


The five goals of Sacred Heart Education at Duchesne College focus on:

  • A personal and active faith in God
  • A deep respect for intellectual values​
  • Building community as a Christian value​
  • A social awareness that impels to action​
  • Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom​​.

The Society of the Sacred Heart has established schools and colleges in many countries of the world, inspired by the works of the Foundress, Madeleine Sophie Barat. As a College in the tradition of the Sacred Heart, Duchesne College owes much to the legacy of the following incredible wise women Madeleine Sophie Barat, Rose Philippine Duchesne and Janet Erskine Stuart, rscJ.

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