We’re so happy that you’re coming back to live with us again at Duchesne College. As a returning resident, you’ll not only feel right at home because you’ll know the ropes, but you will also help pave the way for our first-year residents – and it will be a great feeling to give back!

Secure your place now as a returning resident

Life as a returning resident at Duchesne College will just keep getting better. You’ve found your way and you’re making the most of College life. You’ve made great friends and you’re focused on your studies.

You may want to broaden your horizons and take on a leadership role. You’ll also be well placed to make the most of all the professional development, career and networking opportunities we provide at Duchesne.

But first things first – you’ll need to re-enrol to secure your place. Contact admissions@duchesne.uq.edu.au to register as a returning resident.

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