“I never dreamt of success. I worked for it.”


We know that success takes hard work, and that it comes in various forms. But for five Duchesne students, it took the shape of a straight-sevens Semester One in 2021 – an outstanding achievement. We asked them what they believed was the secret to their success and what their career ambitions are looking like.

Maggie Ryan

Third-year resident and Cultural Convenor at Duchesne College
Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Arts, UQ

I think I work more efficiently and effectively when I have a hectic workload from uni, College and work, and last semester was definitely hectic! Although, I think I finally achieved a feeling of balance last semester and I will continue to strive for that for the remainder of my degree.

Within my degree I’ve identified two different career paths that I’m passionate about and could pursue. Under Business Management, I major in Marketing and would love to end up overseas creating marketing content and organising events for a business in either the beauty or fashion industry. On the other hand, under my Arts degree, I study Music Psychology, Popular Music and Technology, and Digital Media and Cultures. I thoroughly enjoy Music Psychology and learning how music can impact the brain, memories, emotions and even something as superficial as buying behaviours. So, I’d also love the opportunity to go down the path of becoming a Music Therapist. At this point in time, I’m unsure which way to go but I’m so grateful that I have two completely different career opportunities out of my degree, both of which I’m passionate about!

Sophie James

Third-year Associate Member at Duchesne College
Bachelor of Arts/Laws (Hons), UQ

There is no way I would have achieved the same marks without the support of my lecturers who dealt with literally hundreds of questions during the semester, and without taking the time to rest in friendship and to let myself have a break when I felt like it!

I’m spurred by my faith to advocate for the vulnerable, and I believe that God has provided me with the opportunity, necessary skills and aptitude to study Law, therefore I should try to glorify him in my studies by doing the very best that I can. I choose Spanish as a fun break from Law and I’m so glad I did. It’s been amazing and I hope to use my legal and Spanish skills in my future career. As for career, I’m not too sure where I’ll end up. I can see myself working with an NGO such as the International Justice Mission, or doing postgraduate study (hopefully Rhodes) and becoming an academic, being a missionary in South America, or a high school teacher! I’ll wait and see.

Lara Daly

First-year resident at Duchesne College
Bachelor of Speech Pathology, UQ

A key factor that contributed to my first semester results would be the considerable amount of time I put into studying and managing my workload. I’m passionate about my studies in the health sector as I feel I will be able to make a difference in the lives of others through my profession. While it’s too early to know my career aspirations, my goal is simply to be the best I can be, in my chosen field.

We also extend our congratulations to Estelle Qiu, fourth-year resident at Duchesne College, Bachelor of Science (Hons), majoring in Archaeological Science at UQ, and second-year resident Bridgette Greene, Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science at UQ, pictured above with Maggie, Lara and Sophie.