“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”


A group of talented Duchesne College musicians and performers have been hard at work rehearsing for a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents at Opera By The Lake on Saturday 16 October. Directed by our outstanding Cultural Convenor, Maggie Ryan, their hour-long, pre-show entertainment package will feature from 5.30pm – 6.30pm before the headline act, The 7 Sopranos, takes the stage at 7.00pm. A selection of the performers shared their thoughts and excitement for the big night below.

“We’ve been rehearsing for several weeks and I’m so proud of what the girls have achieved and cannot wait to see them all perform at Opera By The Lake. The girls can showcase their incredible talents during our pre-show entertainment, which we have an hour packed full of a variety of performances. We will also be debuting our Rose Philippine Choir – a choir made up of current residents and past students, three vocal soloists, two different instrumental duets, a cello soloist and our jazz band all performing. These girls have volunteered their time to rehearse, and I cannot be more grateful for these beautiful young women.

This event has allowed our Duchesne community, past and present, to showcase their many talents. It’s a wonderful opportunity for girls who have a passion for music, both those currently studying music and for other professions, to share this with the wider community.

Being involved in this event has also allowed me to develop my skills surrounding event management and marketing as well. I’m studying marketing as part of my dual degree at university, and this has been a great opportunity to gain experience in the field and work collaboratively with Duchesne and external businesses. I’ve learnt so much and gained a deeper understanding of the behind-the-scenes processes of organising an event and have loved being able to apply this to a passion of mine, the arts.”

Maggie Ryan, third-year resident & Cultural Convenor

“I’ve loved the opportunity to perform alongside my Duchesne sisters again. It’s great to have an event like this at the end of the year as we haven’t sung together since our ICC Choralfest competition in Semester One. There’s something so special about singing with your ‘family’ and I hope to come back next year as an Alum within our Rose Philippine Choir.”

Anna Crow, third-year resident

“What a wonderful way to finish 2021. With all the changes with COVID-19, it has been incredible to be able to put together a performance like this and to be able to sing with my fellow Duchesne sisters. Not only do I get to sing with my adopted family but with the creation of the Rose Philippine Choir, I also get to sing alongside my older sister, a Duchesne alum. This is such a special performance to be a part of.”

Kristen Elston, third-year resident

“To be able to perform with the girls again is an amazing feeling. We’ve worked hard in rehearsals to make sure we are performance ready. I can’t wait to get all dressed up in our ball gowns and represent Duchesne. I’m also so excited to perform Amazing Grace as it is not only a beautiful song and has such a powerful meaning, but it will also be amazing to hear one of our first-year residents, Macey Bennett, perform it on the Bag Pipes. It will create such an amazing atmosphere.”

Madelyn Oxford, second-year resident

“The Opera is an amazing opportunity to perform and practice what I love. I am performing in the choir, vocal solos and playing piano for the Jazz Band and have loved the chance to perform alongside so many of my sisters. I can’t wait for the Opera and to celebrate all our hard work.”

Minette Boyd, first-year resident

Tickets for Opera By The Lake at Duchesne College on Saturday 16 October can be purchased here. See our event page  for more information.