The ethos underpinning our spirited community at Duchesne is to look beyond ourselves to the needs of others, so the practice of ‘giving back’ or ‘paying it forward’ is in our DNA.

One of our greatest challenges is to ensure Duchesne can continue to provide a level of academic and wellbeing support that so many women have benefited from across generations. As funding from all levels of government remains at zero, this requires relentless attention to efficiently managing resources and investing in contemporary facilities, all while maintaining a commitment to keeping fee increases to a minimum.

Duchesne College Bursary Program

Bursaries provide opportunities for a diverse range of young women whose families would not otherwise have the means to give their daughters the chance to reside at Duchesne or, due to unforeseen circumstances, remain at the College.

The recent support from our generous community has grown our College Bursary offering – but we’d love to expand this even further. Your gift to the Bursary Fund will directly contribute to our shared vision to provide a supportive residential environment for women across the Duchesne sisterhood.

Endowed funds

Endowed funds secure our bursary program because they only use the funds they generate, which both preserves the capital and guarantees perpetuity. Over time, each has the collective purpose to set in place the capital needed for one endowed bursary.

Duchesne Bursary Endowment Giving Circles

A Giving Circle is a simple concept – it’s an opportunity for like-minded people to collaborate around a cause to collectively ‘create change’, because together we are mightier. Current Giving Circles comprise year group ‘fresher friends’, family members who have banded together and/or individuals the College places together.

Giving Circles established in 2021 have made possible six new bursaries from 2022. If contributing to endowed bursaries is close to your heart, we’d love to talk to you about joining one of our various Giving Circles or becoming an ambassador for a new one, so please reach out.

Duchesne College Building Projects

We’re currently reviewing our Masterplan – and the future looks bright! As a next step, we are developing a list of strategic building priorities and we will update you once the next exciting project is approved.

Leaving a gift in your Will

If you’re considering making a gift of any size to Duchesne College in your Will, please contact us to discuss how we can fulfill your wishes and ensure your generosity supports the education of aspiring young women into the future as your legacy.

Making a gift

The simple act of giving what you can, from your heart, embodies the values of the Sacred Heart and makes you a philanthropist, and for that we are deeply grateful. Gifts to Duchesne College are tax-deductible and your impact, collectively, changes the trajectory of young women’s lives forever.

  • If you would like to make a one-off gift to Duchesne College, please follow this link.
  • If you would prefer to make a pledge or regular donation, please take a moment to complete this form.
  • For enquires or for a confidential discussion please contact:
    Mrs Lea Walker-Franks
    Director of Advancement
    M: 0419 767 961

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